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Frequently asked questions
What information does PG&E share with ?
You control the information that PG&E securely shares with us. At a minimum, we need your detailed meter readings. This is your electricity use every 15 minutes. PG&E stores up to 2 years of past readings, and adds new ones daily. With your approval, PG&E will also share your monthly bills, service address, and account number. Some of this information helps our analysis, more details are here. PG&E does NOT share any payment information, nor can we start/stop your service or control any of your devices.
We get electricity from a community choice aggregator (CCA). Does work with CCAs?
Yes! As long as your electric bill comes from PG&E, you can share your meter data with . So customers of East Bay Community Energy, CleanPowerSF, or any CCA in PG&E service territory can sign up for .
Can only analyze electricity? How about gas?
The detailed information we need is only available for electricity. But we plan to add natural gas tracking soon.
Do I need to provide any information about my business, or building?
No, we usually get everything we need from PG&E. If you choose not to share your service address, we'll ask you for the first 3 digits of your zip code. This determines the weather data we use for our analysis of your business.
What types of facilities can be analyzed?
Any type, large or small. It can be a single building, or a campus, or part of a building. Our subscribers include retail, food service, commercial, institutional, even religious facilities.
I'm a new PG&E customer, can I still sign up?
needs at least 3 months of past meter readings before the service can begin. You can still sign up before then, and we will collect your PG&E data until we have enough to start. Your free month trial won't start until we have what we need.
I have more than one electric meter. Can I add or subtract meters?
Yes. Just go to the PG&E Share My Data site and select or deselect meters to share with .
My business has solar. Can handle this?
Yes, sort of. PG&E only provides data about the electricity they deliver to you, so won't know how much electricity your solar system provides. But you'll be alerted if you start paying for electricity at unusual times.
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