Small Steps, Big Impact
Updated 17 April 2019
Cumulative CO2 savings for ENERGYai subscribers
This is a graph of small steps which add up to a big impact. It shows the combined energy-savings of northern California business subscribers over the last three years.
And since each dollar you save on electricity in California keeps over 3 lbs of out of our environment, these savings add up to a big impact: over 2,200 ton of NOT contributing to climate change.
East bay grocer
The dark green slice is one example, an east bay grocer that joined in 2016. But it could be you.
The bulk of the energy savings are from "behavioral changes". This is a fancy term for common sense stuff like turning the lights off at the end of the business day, or setting the thermostat so your air conditioning isn't working when you're not.
These may seem like small steps, but they add up. Here's what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says about energy use reductions in U.S. buildings: "the short term behavioural change potential is estimated to be at least 20%".(1)
East bay grocer
But like so much in life, regular feedback is critical. Every day, monitors a business' energy use and alerts the owner/manager if costs are drifting higher than expected. And good habits are reinforced with feedback showing the benefits of energy savings.
ENERGYai alert
East bay grocer
Another important ingredient is target-setting. creates savings targets for each subscriber, and suggests specific energy-saving steps based on their historic energy usage.
ENERGYai CO2 target page
Every business can take small steps to save money, energy, and . You just have to know where to look. This article kicks off a series of case studies from our subscribers, describing what worked (and didn't work) for them.
If you're not an subscriber, tap the green button for a free 30 day trial. Sign up on-line in two minutes. You'll receive a personalized energy profile, a savings target, tailored savings recommendations, and alerts when spots any unusual energy use.
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