Energy Professionals Partners Program
Why is this business owner smiling?
EnergyAi Meter Insights for PG&E Business Customers
Because you are are watching over his operations 24x7, sending him branded alerts when something unusual happens.
EnergyAi Energy Professionals Partners Program
If you have commercial customers in PG&E’s service territory, you can provide them with ENERGYai® Meter Insights.
Meter Insights monitors your customers’ energy use 24x7, alerting them about potential equipment failures and unexpected changes to their operations. And the alerts are branded with your logo.
Easy, cheap, fast
Meter Insights works with PG&E’s free Share My Data program. Your customers in PG&E’s service territory already have everything they need. There’s nothing to install. Signing up is a 2 minute on-line process.
The Meter Insights service costs $5 per month per meter. You can cover all or part of the cost, or simply recommend the service to your customers. They will see your company logo an average of 1-2 times per week, reinforcing your brand as their energy expert.
Over 150 Northern California facilities subscribe to Meter Insights, including restaurants, retail stores, markets, small manufacturing plants, offices, municipal and county buildings, and a church. Here's what your customers will say:
Meter Insights report thumbnail
"We make most of our ice cream during PG&E off peak hours, and Meter Insights makes it easy to monitor our equipment schedules."
Dave Kumec, Chef/Owner, Mission Hill Creamery, Santa Cruz CA
"Meter Insights has helped identify multiple equipment failures or programming issues, enabling quick resolution and avoiding associated energy costs."
James Doolittle, Energy Consultant, County of Placer CA
"I trust Meter Insights as we schedule our manufacturing machinery to avoid PG&E’s on peak periods. It makes it easy to see if our equipment is operating the way we schedule our plant. Awesome solution!"
Carlos Velez Conty, Plant Manager, Fireclay Tile, Aromas CA
How does the Energy Professionals Partners Program work?
You are the energy expert for your commercial customers. They look to you not only for mechanical equipment needs, but for energy-saving advice.
The Energy Professionals Partners program is a referral program. You recommend Meter Insights to customers who would benefit from the service. You do so in whatever way works best for you - perhaps an info sheet included on maintenance calls (we'll provide the collateral material), or via email (we'll provide boilerplate content), or simply word of mouth. The benefits to you include:
weekly engagement with your customers as their energy expert. We put your logo on the Meter Insights alerts they receive
you get a Meter Insights promotional code which you pass along with your recommendation. Your customers get a $5 discount off the list annual subscription of $60, so their total cost is under $5 per month (we also throw in the first month for free so they can try the service before payment)
your company listed in our Partners page which we promote in targeted trade association campaigns
no cost to you, we even cover the $5 customer discount
no minimum commitment, you decide which and how many of your customers to include
Becoming an Energy Professionals Partner is easy -- just call or send an email to our founder, Dave Krinkel: 510-847-6103 (
Kick the tires
There are two ways you can try Meter Insights for free, and experience for yourself what your customers will get:
Easy Meter Insights trial
the easy way: sign up your own business (if you're a PG&E customer). Just click the big green "Share My Data" button below. Enter the promo code "EnergyProPartner" and we'll provide you with the service free for a month.
Share My Data
Easier Meter Insights trial
the easier way: an anonymous Meter Insights client is allowing us to share their alerts. Just send an email ( and we'll add you to the recipient list.
Any questions?
Call me, Dave Krinkel, at 510-847-6103. Or email me at