Meter Insights for PG&E Business Customers
EnergyAi - Energy analysis for small, medium, and large businesses
ENERGYai® turns your PG&E meter into a business partner who watches over your operations 24x7. And like the ideal partner, the Meter Insights service
Easy, cheap, fast
The Meter Insights service works with PG&E’s free Share My Data program. Signing up takes 5 minutes, just click on the big green “Share My Data” button below (or here to see a preview). We do the rest, there’s nothing to install or download. You’ll start receiving your insights in 2 to 4 hours.
Your first month of Meter Insights is free. If you wish to continue the service, the cost is $65 per meter per year for your first 10 meters, and $50 per year for each additional meter. And ask your energy contractor or consultant if they offer an ENERGYai® discount. You may discontinue the service for any meter at any time and receive a credit or refund for the unused time.
We won’t ask for payment information until the end of your free month. Then you can choose to pay by invoice or credit/debit card.
Privacy and security
Your meter data is sensitive information. It can reveal occupancy patterns and other operational behavior. We NEVER share your data or analysis results with a third party without your EXPLICIT permission. Click here to view our full privacy policy.
Your meter data is archived off line, and any potentially identifying information (like meter names) is encrypted.
Any questions?
You can talk to a real live person at 510-847-6103. We’re in California, so Pacific time zone business hours are best. Otherwise leave a message and we’ll get back to you asap. Or check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. Or email us at