5 questions every smart meter can answer ........ and every facility manager should ask

We’re seeing an explosion in the availability of interval energy data for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Hourly and sub-hourly readings are collected and stored by utilities, energy service partners, and in-house systems on an unprecedented scale.
This data contains valuable information which is usually overlooked. A careful analysis of a year of interval meter data (and no other information) can answer the following questions:
Chart showing total and 24x7 hourly electricity use
5 When we shut down for holidays or maintenance, does my building’s load shut down?

ENERGYai™ is a very low cost service which mines interval energy data in a completely new way. It identifies recurring patterns and anomalies in a facility's usage history to answer these and other questions. The ENERGYai™ Load Analysis report presents the results as actionable information.
Not only is the ENERGYai™ analysis new, its method of delivery is unique. Just send us a year of interval meter data in any format, and we’ll send you a Load Analysis report. Utility and ESCo clients -- the report can be rebranded with your logo. There are no startup costs, no minimum quantities, and no hardware or software to buy. The cost is $20 per report.
How it works